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Department of Rehabilitation

Since 1998, Polishing The Professional has worked with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) to help individuals with barriers to employment find work and establish a career. In 2007, Polishing the Professional began working with DOR under a special contract with Regional Centers in LA County to help increase employment outcomes for youth and adults with developmental disabilities. The partnership was a tremendous success as we increased employment outcomes by 2500% by helping close to 300 individuals with severe barriers to employment find work.

Partnership Plus Program

In 2011, Polishing The Professional entered into a partnership agreement known as Partnership Plus to collaborate with DOR to better serve our mutual clients. Through this agreement, Polishing The Professional partners with DOR to provide job retention services and other types of ongoing support for beneficiaries. This gives participants continued access to individualized employment services and the support needed toward financial self-sufficiency. This program is vital because if a participant found a job through DOR, DOR may close the participant’s case approximately 90 days after they start working. After DOR services have ended, many participants find themselves needing ongoing support to help keep their job and increase their earnings over time. Polishing The Professional can provide that support.

Partnership Plus can also extend the advantages of certain work incentives after their DOR case is closed. For example, participants will not have to undergo the medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR), as long as they are making timely progress toward their employment goals if enrolled in the Polishing The Professional’s Ticket to Work program. In addition, Polishing the Professional can help participants stay organized and communicate with Social Security so they can remain focused on advancing their career and making the adjustment to work easier.

Employment Partnership Training

In 2014, Polishing The Professional was awarded a substantial contract with the State of California, Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) known as the Employment Partnership Training (EPT). Through this program, Polishing the Professional provides training in job development to DOR staff, consumers, and community partners who work with the Transition Partnership Programs (TPP) and Workability II (WA II) programs. EPT is funded by DOR and is available at no cost to partners throughout the State of California. We offer two training opportunities; From Reality TV to the Real World for transition-age youth (TAY), and Mission Focus | Mission Possible | Mission Complete for veteran services.

  • From Reality TV to the Real World

This training offers a strategic approach geared towards assisting a younger generation to channel youthful ideologies, harness raw potential, and distinguish fact from fiction of what leads to success. Utilizing integrated services and a self-mastery philosophy, participants gain the necessary tools to overcome barriers, embrace individuality and diversity, as well as gain the confidence needed to build a solid foundation for the modern workplace. In this training, participants learn the techniques Polishing The Professional used to place nearly 300 clients with significant disabilities in less than two years. These techniques will help improve placement rates as well as play a significant role in aiding youth to successfully transition from school to work by setting realistic and achievable goals.

  • Mission Focus | Mission Possible | Mission Complete

This training helps guide veterans to successfully transition from military service to the civilian workforce, a task that is often very challenging. This training provides participants with the necessary information to: mitigate the impact of disability on career goals, effectively utilize reasonable accommodations, apply rights & preference benefits, balance military obligations, access training, as well as evaluate skills and assets to achieve independence and self-sufficiency in pursuit of the American Dream.