The Job Search Buddy

Easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use.

The Job Search Buddy is a handy book designed to assist job seekers with an easier method during their job search. It contains many tools and strategies to help job seekers successfully integrate in the workforce.

Designed as a carry along, this book fits neatly into the job seekers pocket, purse, briefcase or other small areas. A friend of sorts, The Job Search Buddy helps the user recall important information such as dates of employment, supervisor contacts, dress to impress and how to answer common interview questions.

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The book features many wonderful tools including:
  • A simplified “Master Plan” template to show job seekers how to create a plan to develop the kind of career they want. A master plan is a road map to guide the user on how to get from point A to Z
  • A sample resume for both chronological and functional
  • A guide to help the job seeker develop their own resume
  • A contact log to help readers stay organized in their job search
  • Tips for individuals with disabilities
  • Tips for veterans returning to the workforce and how their skills are transferrable from the military to the American workforce
  • Tips for individuals with criminal records who desire to improve their lives and become gainfully employed while being a positive contributor to society
  • Tips for athletes on how they can successfully demonstrate their skills developed in athletics that can be transferrable to the workforce and attractive to an employer
  • A job seeker can complete the Master Application prior to beginning their job search and use as a guide to complete applications, remember work history, important contact information and more