Applying for Expedited Reinstatement

Avatar photoAlyse Tatevosian June 28, 2021 No Comments

Expedited reinstatement allows prior entitled beneficiaries whose entitlement ended due to work requiring a benefit reinstatement without filing a new application. If you collected SSDI benefits previously, expedited reinstatement speeds up the process of “restarting” your monthly benefits without having to endure the long wait of a new application.

Who is Eligible?

The Social Security Administration states the eligibility requirements on their website. You are eligible if you meet all of the following criteria:

• Is “not able” or “becomes unable” to work at the SGA level due to his or her medical condition,
• Is “not able” or “becomes unable” to perform SGA in the month of the EXR request,
• Stopped performing SGA within 60 months of his or her prior termination,
• Has a current medical impairment(s) that is the “same as or related” to the original impairment(s), and
• Is under a disability based on the application of the medical improvement review standard (MIRS).


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