Best Career Building Tips

Taylor Tarantino February 14, 2022 No Comments

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or a decade into your career, familiarizing yourself with the best career-building tips is always beneficial. Finding a career path that you also love can be challenging, and the overall process can be intimidating. As a young adult, I know I’ve spent my fair share of time stressing about the next steps and future.  

The best thing you can do for yourself when building a career is to seek advice from experts. People who have reached their professional goals can best offer great tips and strategies on how they did so. Compiled is a list of the 30 most inspiring one-liners and career tips from CEOs, business tycoons, and career coaches that are sure to leave you feeling ready to pursue your career. 

  1. Organizational skills are key. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. 
  1. Practice consistency and follow-through.  
  1. Build valuable relationships. 
  1. Be open to feedback and criticism and allow yourself to learn from it.  
  1. Show up early. 
  1. Stay true to your values and principles. 
  1. Be a team player. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up and express your ideas. 
  1. Take care of your physical health. 
  1. Take care of your mental health. 
  1. Focus on the results. 
  1. Be a good listener. 
  1. Put effort into finding a job you enjoy. 
  1. Frequently reflect on your career path as your needs change.  
  1. View each person you meet as a door to new opportunities.  
  1. Dress for the job you want. 
  1. Remember that a job does not give your life meaning. 
  1. Let go of perfection. 
  1. There is no such thing as a perfect job. 
  1. Seek out a mentor. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 
  1. Find your passion and build on it. 
  1. Understand that building a career takes sacrifice.  
  1. Don’t settle. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to fail. 
  1. Practice confidence but remain humble 
  1. Do what you like, so it doesn’t feel like work. 
  1. Be focused, yet flexible.  
  1. Always be learning.  

I think the most important takeaways from this list are that success stems from putting your best foot forward, and following your passion leads you to greatness. To be the best version of yourself, practice a good work ethic, remain driven, and follow your passion for ensuring that you’ll live the happiest, most successful life no matter what you end up doing.   

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