Changing the Perception

Avatar photoVictoria Vanzant July 2, 2020 No Comments

Why is it some people THINK that individuals with disabilities can’t work in the professional world? In the working world, everyone must meet the same standards. Individuals with disabilities must present a professional image too!

Training with a new client, the first thing we address is reshaping their thinking to understand that they are professionals seeking employment in the professional world. Whether they aim to work in a grocery store or an office, it is a business. Clients must begin to dress and think like professionals. Our clients are required to attend their programs dressed and prepared for an interview. The reasoning is three-fold;

1. Changing their perceptions about who they are
2. To achieve step 1, they have to play the part to become the part,
3. Be prepared to be interviewed at any time.

To compete with the very best, you must be able to give your best when interviewing. Demonstrate to the employer that you are the only candidate for the job, bar none!

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