Denise Gardiner Appointed As Career Specialist To Help Build National Network of Talent To Serve Clients Across U.S.

Davina Douthard January 13, 2021 No Comments

Denise Gardiner Career Specialist Polishing The Professional

Davina Douthard Inc. has appointed Denise Gardiner as the new Career Specialist for the companies employment program, Polishing The Professional.

“Helping struggling consumers and businesses during this pandemic to find economic relief through employment is central to our work. Strong leadership for Polishing The Professional has never been more necessary,” said Davina Douthard, CEO of Davina Douthard, Inc. “Denise Gardiner brings the right mix of experience and guidance to the company during this pivotal moment.”

“I am honored by the trust Davina Douthard, Inc. has placed in my ability to execute their vision for Polishing The Professional and represent the diverse communities we serve,” said Gardiner. “I am excited to be a part of Polishing The Professional’s team and look forward to many exciting opportunities with the company.

Ms. Gardiner brings over twenty years of strategic recruiting and talent management experience for both a national and global level. She has worked in several industries to include banking, finance, entertainment, and non-profits. Ms. Gardiner has provided recruitment for a variety of positions ranging from non-exempt to executive level.  Throughout her career, she has worked with co-workers and employees on workforce planning and career development to ensure employees accomplished their career goals.

As a Career Specialist, Ms. Gardiner is responsible for researching and analyzing local and national trends for providing meaningful career counseling, professional development, building impactful employer relationships, and building our network of employment specialists nationally.

2020 forced us to find clarity and pivot while offering services to meet clients’ needs amid chaos and uncertainty. This flawless execution is the hallmark of a 21-century organization. We are proud to acknowledge that our programming and preparation allowed us to move swiftly into alternative provisions. With this spirit, we intend to continue developing our services to accommodate this new way of life. Although the unemployment rate is staggering, Polishing The Professional has successfully helped clients secure work during the pandemic and are ready to help new clients seeking to return to work and employers ready to hire. Gardiner will play a pivotal role in helping us to meet our objectives and move the company forward.

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