Do My Fears Limit My Success?

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“If the plan doesn’t work, change your plans. But keep your goal; it should not change.” 

What do you think is stopping you from experiencing massive success? The kind of success that happens to just a few people in a lifetime. The type of success that allows you to bless your family and loved ones? To create and perpetuate generational success means putting away all fears which so quickly derails us. 

Someone once said that fear is only “False Evidence Appearing Real.” There seems to be a lot of truth in this statement because many of the things we fear never come to pass. The only thing fear is guilty of keeps us down as we grasp a reality that is not real. The evidence we use to create our concerns is false. 

Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) is the number one reason people fail to succeed. They see all kinds of evidence that makes them think they are going to fail. The evidence is so convincing it’s hard to see anything else. Once fear creeps into the heart, success has all but disappeared, and failure becomes inevitable. 

How do we handle the fears which grip us so tightly? It begins with stepping back and taking a deep breath. Look at your situation. Is it the way you see it, or are the circumstances lying to you? For example, let’s say that you have worked very hard on your job. You have been a faithful, loyal employee, and yet they still decide to let you go. Is that the end of your career? Will your family now suffer because you are facing a situation? 

Many times, the answer to this question is no. Many of the things we fear never come to pass, so the results we dread never come into being. The focus must be to look at what behaviors and mindsets can set us up to become successful. Defeatist mentalities, focusing on losing, and feelings of inadequacy contribute to failure instead of the success we so desperately crave. 

Limiting our success through thoughts of failure cannot help us achieve our goals. When you plan to succeed, you must overcome every objection, every obstacle, and challenge you face. Instead of looking at “why I will fail,” tell yourself to look at “why you will not fail.” Remove failure as an option and watch the waves of success run you over on the way to the land of your dreams. 
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AUTHOR: Jeffery Davis 

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