Focus on Career Development

Avatar photoAlyse Tatevosian April 5, 2021 No Comments

Our work is not merely about finding our clients a job; we help our clients take steps toward finding and establishing a career.

While many come to us to help them find a job to fill an immediate need, we are strongly committed to helping our clients take steps to establish long-term success and self-sufficiency.

Anyone can help our clients find a job, but we want to make sure that that job will lead to a future career. To achieve this, during our initial assessment, we focus on determining what dreams and goals our clients have and focus on turning those dreams into realities. For example, if our client desires to be an Administrative Assistant and work in an office setting, we focus on the skills they have and guide them towards resources to improve their office skills. While seeking a job, we will seek employment opportunities that likely lead the client towards working in an office setting. Looking for a new position with the same employer could be an option.  They can apply for an administrative job in that equal company once their skills are up to the position’s standards. Assisting our clients in registering for school or vocational training will help them enhance their skills and experience and teach our clients work ethics that are needed to survive in any professional environment.

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