How to Manage Pressure

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We thrive to exceed expectations in life. We are taught as children that to achieve success, we must give it our all. We are conditioned to always seek for more, after all “the sky’s the limit.” This is a phrase we learn early on and hope to apply in all areas of life as we get older.

With this phrase luring in the back of our minds along with the demanding realities of growing up, pressure begins to build. For some, pressure is a part of everyday life. It can be experienced both personally and professionally.

4 healthy ways that can help us cope with pressure in the workplace and in our daily lives are:


When going through stressful situations in our personal lives or in the workplace, it helps to break down the issue into different phases. Never try to take on a task all at once. Instead, organize your tasks in a way that allows you to take one step at a time. In this case, it’s best not to look at the overall picture; this can overwhelm you.

Draw Boundaries:

It is ok to draw boundaries. We all want to prove that we are a dedicated person or employee capable of multitasking. While these traits are a plus, you must be careful to limit yourself to take on only a realistic amount of responsibility. If you take on more than you can handle, your results won’t be favorable to you or the company.

Take time for yourself: 

When under pressure, take time to breathe. Take a quick break. Step away from your desk and computer for a minute. Clear your mind. You can get through a task faster by working with a clear mind. It is not possible to work efficiently with a burdened mind. Finding time for your hobbies while at home can also benefit your work. Take the time outside of your job to do the things you enjoy the most and come back recharged to finish your tasks.


Keep in mind that although you may be able to handle things under pressure, it’s best sometimes to seek support when it is available. There is nothing wrong with getting assistance. Requesting support from your manager does not make you unsuitable for the task. The goal is to get things done, no matter how.

In conclusion, only a small part of our life is determined by the things that happen to us, the rest of our life is dictated by how we react to it. Since we don’t have control of what happens to us, let’s focus on how we choose to react. 

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