I choose to challenge myself.

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I am an adventurer, always looking for new challenges, opportunities, and chances to grow. These opportunities bring life to my soul and allow me to try new things. In this way, I learn about myself and what I am capable of achieving.

I choose to challenge myself whenever the opportunity arises. 

I love my life. I am happy, content, and fulfilled. It is my right to know I am loved and appreciated. However, my thirst for a challenge is not an attempt to prove something. It is a chance for me to continue to evolve into the best possible version of myself, and I am excited. 

A challenge is a chance to change my thinking, explore new avenues, and build new skills. For that reason, challenges empower me. 

I am an explorer. Thus, everyday I seek new horizons to stir my soul and awaken my energy. Most important take on any challenge life has to throw at me with enthusiasm. It is within my being to know I will emerge victorious and have the skills to beat this challenge. 

My power is limitless. There are no obstacles that can defeat me. I am a force of nature. At last, I embrace my power and level it up at every opportunity. 

I am strong. I am excited. I am powerful. 

Today, I am eager and I know that my power is unlimited. Therefore, I am excited to push myself as far as possible. I’m willing to evolve, grow, change, and, indeed, the incredible potential that lies within me. Still, I choose to challenge myself. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. If faced with a challenge, do I shy away or embrace it? 
  1. What is one challenge that I am glad I embraced? 
  1. Is there something I would like to do, but my fears are holding me back? 

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