I Find New Ways to Keep The Excitement in My Work

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There is dignity in doing work well. I take pride in any professional endeavor that I undertake, even when it feels tedious. I always find ways to enjoy the tedious side of tasks. 

My work environment is decorated in a way that keeps me happy. I like to have pictures of my loved ones around me. They are my inspiration to keep going. 

When I am reminded of who I am working to support, I proceed with energy and determination. I reward myself throughout the day with calls to my family. Whenever I achieve a small goal, I celebrate with a quick chat with my husband. 

Dancing keeps my mind awake to be productive. I often take regular dance breaks during the work day. They give me a break from the monotony of my tasks. 

Setting new time goals encourages me to always be productive. I challenge myself throughout the day by completing tasks faster than the day before. Although I am focused on efficiency, I ensure that I maintain thoroughness. 

Creating balance between mundane tasks and more enjoyable ones is important. I carefully allocate time slots, so I remain motivated during each day. 

I start each morning with a task that I enjoy. That sets the tone for the rest of the day. Ending each day with a preferred project gives me a sense of fulfillment. 

Today, I am in control of how successful my work day is. Finding enjoyment in my responsibilities is the key to ensuring that I am productive. When work is more than a chore, I am able to generate impressive outcomes. 

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How does the approach to creating excitement at work transfer to home life? 
  1. How do I fill my time when I am short on tasks for a given day? 
  1. What is my preferred time of day to work? 

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