In-office vs. Hybrid vs. Remote

Taylor Tarantino January 3, 2022 No Comments

Few of us had ever worked remote or knew it was possible before the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from the comfort of your home has many benefits, but then again, so does working in-office. So, which scenario is best for you? Are you most productive working from your living room? Or do you need an office environment to jump start your motivation? Perhaps you prefer a little of both and enjoy some days at home and some in the office. Let us look at all the benefits of in-office, hybrid, and remote work to find what best works for you. 

Having employees attend work at an office has always been the norm in most business settings. Gathering in person has plenty of benefits that working remotely just can’t match. One of those benefits includes improved work-life balance. Though that may come as a surprise, working from home can blur the line between working in severe environments and your personal life. Working from an office and surrounding yourself with colleagues can help you identify clear divides between private matters and work, providing more balance between the two. Another benefit is in-person collaboration. Meeting face-to-face for brainstorming sessions is essential to promote and encourage creativity and innovation. Of course, it’s possible to conduct these conversations virtually, but nothing quite compares to in-person engagement and the enthusiasm it generates. Improved team morale is another perk of working in-office. A safe space for employees to gather and share experiences enhances company culture, which is difficult to obtain through remote work. 

While lack of in-person engagement is a prominent con of remote work, plenty of pros make up for it — one being improved mental health. Statistics show that most remote workers report lower stress levels than workers who must visit their office every day. This leads to less anxiety amongst employees and less cases of workplace burnout and depression. Likewise, setting up a workspace to your liking can increase productivity and morale and allow you to spend more time with family (and pets). The work-from-home setup allows you more flexible hours and does not confine you to a 9-5 time frame. And let’s not forget, no commute saves you loads of time and money! You’ll gain some peace of mind knowing that every day you don’t drive to work, you’re helping the environment. 

What about hybrid work? It sounds like the best of both worlds, but is it? This working model allows you to spend half the week in person and the other half at home, and in many cases, the freedom to choose what best works for you. Some may prefer to stay home while others prefer the office, making this an option that satisfies everyone’s needs. Hybrid work allows employees to receive face-to-face interaction needed to stimulate creativity and drive while offering remote work for those who are more comfortable and productive at home. This model seems too good to be true, but lack of consistency in environment may be a contributing factor to decreased productivity. If you’re someone who can adapt to constant change, this work model may be best for you. 

If your employer gives you the freedom to choose where you work, take some time to find which model best suits you. Where do you feel most engaged, driven, and content? Which environment improves your work ethic and overall attitude? Explore these options if given a chance, for change of pace could be what you need to stay grounded in your work. 

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