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From Super Bowl to Super Employee – Your Game Plan for Finding Your Next Job

With Super Bowl month mania just passing, I decided to use sports analogies when talking about the job hunt.  A successful job hunt starts with a plan. So, let’s compare a job search with this year’s Super Bowl and the Kansas City Chiefs looking to win back-to-back Super Bowls, but ended up being triumphed by a physically dominant Buccaneers who had a perfect game plan resulting in Kansas City losing to the Bucs-31; KC-9.

As a …

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Criminal Records and Employment

When looking for employment, a criminal record can be a significant hindrance. The information in this post should help you decide how you will handle your job search.

What to Avoid 

Look for work that is not related to your conviction or arrest. For example, if you received a DUI, do not apply for positions that require you to drive. If you stole money, do not apply for a job as a bank …

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How to Find a Job in 2021

Landing a job during a pandemic will be tough!  The hiring process has changed in many ways because of Covid-19.  From the traditional in-person hiring process to remote where potential candidates go through everything virtually, 2021 does not promise that things will go back to normal and that we will all be back in an office again anytime soon.

According to Jessica Hernandez, Director of Human Resources at Cam-Lane Industries, remote jobs are becoming the “new …

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The Process of Assigning a Ticket to an Employment Network

Beneficiaries assign their Ticket to employment networks once they are ready to look for employment. Employment Networks are for those who have all the skills they need for their field of interest and need assistance with the interview process to obtain gainful employment.

The Ticket to Work Program’s function is to help those who receive social security benefits become gainfully employed. The best way for a ticket recipient to receive assistance in landing job interviews is …

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You Only Have 6 Seconds to Make a Good Impression

Employers review hundreds of resumes daily looking for the right candidate to fill their open positions, but here is a secret.  Before the resume gets to the recruiter, it has been screened by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to see which resumes will even make the first cut.

An Applicant Tracking System is a software program that helps companies organize candidates for recruitment purposes.  These systems allow businesses to collect information, manage prospects based on experience …

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What is a Trial Work Period?

The anticipation of rejoining the workforce can be frightening. You may be concerned that you will not be able to keep up with your coworkers or that your disability won’t allow you to perform in a way that shows you are excelling at the position.

It is essential to take a chance and see what you are capable of accomplishing. You may surprise yourself!

The best part of beginning the Trial Work Period …

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Alyse Tatevosian Joins Davina Douthard Inc. as the Public Relations & Marketing Assistant For Corporate Brands

Alyse Tatevosian, Public Relations & Marketing Assistant, Davina Douthard Inc.

Davina Douthard Inc. has appointed Alyse Tatevosian as the Public Relations & Marketing Assistant for the corporate brands and products, including Polishing The Professional, Mass Appeal Magazine, The Job Search Buddy, The Image Cartel, and Davina Douthard Foundation.

“This year marks our 30th year in business, and we have so much to celebrate. Not just our tenure, but our ability to survive economic …

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To Work Remotely, or Not To…That is the Question?

Working remotely has beyond exceeded our expectations about the impact of a global pandemic on our professional life. Some companies find out that working remotely increases productivity by up to 15% while reducing absenteeism by 25%.

While many employees are finding it beneficial to work from home, others not-so-much.  According to a recent survey, 88% favor working remotely as they realize the flexibility and freedom to make their hours.

Do you have what …

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Denise Gardiner Appointed As Career Specialist To Help Build National Network of Talent To Serve Clients Across U.S.

Denise Gardiner, Career Specialist, Polishing The Professional

Davina Douthard Inc. has appointed Denise Gardiner as the new Career Specialist for the companies employment program, Polishing The Professional.

“Helping struggling consumers and businesses during this pandemic to find economic relief through employment is central to our work. Strong leadership for Polishing The Professional has never been more necessary,” said Davina Douthard, CEO of Davina Douthard, Inc. “Denise Gardiner brings the right mix of experience …

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Wage Reporting

It is the beginning of a fresh, new year—time to wash our hands of 2020 and all its misfortunes. Most people spend the first week of a new year deciding on what their New Years’ resolution is and how they plan to implement it into their life. But don’t forget! If you are currently employed and receiving SSI or SSDI, one of the most important tasks to accomplish within the first six days of each month is reporting your …

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