The Process of Assigning a Ticket to an Employment Network

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Beneficiaries assign their Ticket to employment networks once they are ready to look for employment. Employment Networks are for those who have all the skills they need for their field of interest and need assistance with the interview process to obtain gainful employment.

The Ticket to Work Program’s function is to help those who receive social security benefits become gainfully employed. The best way for a ticket recipient to receive assistance in landing job interviews is by assigning their Ticket to an Employment Network.

Employment Networks help beneficiaries with career planning, locating job leads, and ongoing support with their employment goals. If your Ticket is unassigned, it is relatively simple to assign it to an Employment Network.

Log on to and click the Find Help tool. The Direct Search (Option 2) will lead you to the page where you input your zip code. A list of providers nearest to you will become visible.

Polishing the Professional is an Employment Network you will find on this list since 2009.

The first step is to give us a call at (877) 765-4748 and introduce yourself. You will be asked questions from an interest form that determines whether your Ticket is assignable and if we are the best program to assist you.

Once we have verified that your Ticket is assignable, we send you an application that requests information such as:
• Employment history
• Educational history
• The impact of your disability (We never disclose to an employer unless you need us to)
• Your availability
• Environments you are interested working in
• Short-term and long-term goals

Once we have received your completed application, we schedule an assessment to discuss the information from the application in detail.

With the information discussed during your assessment, we create an Individual Work Plan, our contract laying out how we will assist you. We call ours The Master Plan.

Once you approve of the Master Plan, you receive the intake paperwork to sign. We log on to the Ticket Portal and assign your Ticket.

Assigning your Ticket begins the next step of your journey to gainful employment.  We connect you with our employment specialist, who will connect you to your desired employment opportunities. Contact Polishing the Professional today to get started!

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