What is a Trial Work Period?

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The anticipation of rejoining the workforce can be frightening. You may be concerned that you will not be able to keep up with your coworkers or that your disability won’t allow you to perform in a way that shows you are excelling at the position.

It is essential to take a chance and see what you are capable of accomplishing. You may surprise yourself!

The best part of beginning the Trial Work Period is getting on the track to becoming self-sufficient. You will ultimately make more than you are receiving from your social security benefits in most cases.

During your trial work period, you will continue to receive your monthly benefits along with your earnings from working. Just remember to report your wages to Social Security.

Any month your earnings are over $940 will count as a trial work month. You are allowed nine of these before your benefits begin to decrease. They decrease because you have shown that you can continuously work for an extended amount of time.

You will continue to receive a portion of your benefits for 36 months after your Trial Work Period, where your benefits were not over $1,310 in 2021. This number changes each year, so be sure to check the social security website for the substantial earnings amount. 

If you feel that the job was too strenuous for you at the time, do not worry! Step back for a bit and re-evaluate how you are approaching rejoining the work field. You still have your benefits, and you can discuss the changes you need to make to your Individual Work Plan with your Employment Network.

The Ticket to Work program allows you to request to reinstate your benefits within five years of making substantial earnings if you feel it is too difficult to continue working due to your disability. This process is called expedited reinstatement. Your benefits will restart without the need to file a new application.

So, meet with an Employment Network to learn more about becoming self-sufficient through the Ticket to Work program. Polishing the Professional is an Employment Network that can help get you started on that path. Call (310) 338-9600 to learn more!

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