10 Fastest-Growing Professions

Alicia Morataya March 7, 2022 No Comments

We are living in times where things are constantly changing. Change can be scary; it can make us feel uncertain. However, we hold the power to seek the good within the bad. One of the major changes happening now is in peoples’ professions. As we begin to heal from the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, we start to notice the long-term effects caused by it. 

We all remember when unemployment skyrocketed. Companies big and small found themselves having to shut down because of the pandemic, resulting in workers being laid off. While this was a difficult time, individuals can use this change as an opportunity to seek new career paths.

If you’re someone who has been considering a new field, you might find yourself wondering, “just how will I do this?” Change requires courage, and to move forward sometimes, you must get out of your comfort zone. How will you know what career path to take? Though the ultimate decision will be up to you, the following chart titled, “The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs of the Next Decade” by Morgan Smith can be used as a starting point to help guide you. 

Physician Assistants 31.0% $115,390
Data Scientists  31.4% $98,230
Health Services Managers   32.5%  $104,280
Home health and personal Care Aids 32.6%$27,080 
Information Security Analysis  33.3% $103,590 
Statisticians 35.4% $92,270 
Physical Therapist Assistants 35.4% $59,770 
Solar Photovoltaic Installers 52.1% $46,470 
Nurse Practitioners 52.2% $111,680 
Wind Turbine Service Technicians 68.2% $56,230 
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

In an interview with CNBC, Michael Wolf, Bureau of Labor Statistics chief, states that “interest in wind and solar energy has skyrocketed…” making this field a promising opportunity.  

The physician or nurse-related jobs take the 4th– 6th spots because though these jobs pay more money, the younger generation is geared towards other careers they can accomplish faster. According to Craig Fowler, regional VP of The Medicus Firm, contrary to the past, young people are not interested in becoming doctors. Medical School is long-lasting, and it does not end at graduation; instead, the next step after medical school is to find a place of residency where they earn less money. Students want to go straight into action right after graduation, which isn’t the case if you choose to enter the medical field. 

Even though U.S. employment will have minimal growth within the next ten years, these projected professions are hopeful. Some jobs will grow in demand; it’s just a matter of time like everything else. 

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