New Law Permits Disabled Tenants to Relocate Within Apartments to Accessible Units Without Facing Renal Hikes

Vanessa Martin Del Campo January 17, 2024 No Comments

Starting January 1st, landlords in California will now be required to allow tenants with a permanent physical disability to relocate to an accessible unit without facing a rental increase.  

In a significant move, the new law aims to accommodate individuals facing permanent physical disabilities. Approved by Governor Newsom in October, Assembly Bill 1620 applies to both rent-controlled properties and residents of the rent-controlled units who have attested to a permanent physical disability restricting mobility.  

The initial rental rate will remain the same; however, the original security deposit will be subject to deductions for costs relating to cleaning or repairing the unit beyond ordinary wear and tear. This is conducted according to an existing security deposit law, requiring the tenant to provide a new security deposit for the new unit. 

The procedure for accommodation must first begin with the limited-mobility tenant submitting a written request for reasonable accommodation for a unit swap to an accessible unit. To qualify, the tenant must be living in a unit not served by an operating elevator. If the move is necessary to accommodate the tenant’s disability, a unit swap will be carried out, provided there is an available unit. The law requires the new unit to be comparable or smaller and located on an accessible floor.  

The new law will ease the burdens on physically disabled individuals who face challenges in many aspects of life. This represents a significant win for the disabled community, serving as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to make this world a more inclusive space for everyone.  

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