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Forget Social Media and Get Social Again

Everyone carries around a secret weapon, yet we are unaware that we do most of the time. For many, this secret weapon is known as conversation, or better yet, “The Art of Conversation.” Our daily lives as citizens enable us to come in contact with other people regularly. Whether at the grocery store, waiting on a bus, walking to an appointment, or simply hanging out at a local eatery or mall, potential contact is all around us. Often, we …

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Ways to Spring Clean Your Job Search

Every year, millions of people set out to spring clean their homes and garages. Spring is also the perfect time to clean your job search image. It’s the time for renewal and clarity.

1. Clean Your Workspace AreaClear paperwork piles, file paperwork, discard unnecessary paperwork and organize your workspace.

2. EmailDelete or archive old emails.

3. Dust Off Your ResumeYour resume should reflect your current targeted goals and communicates what …

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Benefits of WISE

If you receive social security benefits, you may have heard of WISE (Work Incentives Seminar Events) webinars. These are free webinars that go over various topics that are beneficial to social security beneficiaries. They cover a wide range of subjects. Last month’s topic was Ticket to Work and the Path to Employment. You can register for this month’s WISE webinar here: https://choosework.ssa.gov/wise/


WISE is known to be held on the fourth Wednesday …

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How to Prepare Your Resume

A good resume is what will help you land an interview for your dream job. If you appropriately tailor your resume, you will hear back from almost every job opportunity. Before you start working on your resume, you need to outline your skills and experiences relevant to the job. Once you have listed all your qualifications, you can prepare your resume for your job application.

Follow These Steps When Drafting Your Resume1. Choose the correct resume …

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Comparing TTW and Regional Center Services

Polishing the Professional offers several different services to help our clients land gainful employment. Two of these services are at no cost to you. These are our Regional Center and Ticket to Work services.

Regional Center

Regional center clients receive work readiness training, job placement support, and long-term support through vocational services.

Work readiness training consists of our pre-employment training program. We make sure our regional center clients know how …

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Focus on Career Development

Our work is not merely about finding our clients a job; we help our clients take steps toward finding and establishing a career.

While many come to us to help them find a job to fill an immediate need, we are strongly committed to helping our clients take steps to establish long-term success and self-sufficiency.

Anyone can help our clients find a job, but we want to make sure that that job will …

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The Road to Becoming Financially Self-Sufficient

The Ticket To Work program’s primary goal is to support Social Security Beneficiaries, also know as ticket holders, to become financially self-sufficient. Once achieved, recipients are no longer dependent on benefits.

The Ticket to Work Program gives SSDI recipients a safety net to work without losing their benefits. Beneficiaries can keep their benefits while working towards gainful employment during a 9-month trial work period. In 2021, your earnings must be over $940 each month for it …

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The Interview is Not Just a One Way Street – 10 Great Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Many job seekers go into the interview to expect that it will be a one-way street where the interviewer will grill you with interview questions, and you answer.  This scenario could not be further from the truth!

Asking questions is an excellent way for you to show a true interest in the job and the company. It also shows that you took time to prepare for the interview. 

10 Great Questions to Ask …

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How to Handle Gaps in Employment

Gaps in work history can cause an employer to become skeptical about hiring you. They may find it concerning that you had long periods of absence from normal adult activities and question whether you are a serious candidate for their company.

Employers may be concerned that you are hiding something unfavorable. They may assume that your release from your last position was not voluntary and that you were unable to find work due to incompetency. 

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From Super Bowl to Super Employee – Your Game Plan for Finding Your Next Job

With Super Bowl month mania just passing, I decided to use sports analogies when talking about the job hunt.  A successful job hunt starts with a plan. So, let’s compare a job search with this year’s Super Bowl and the Kansas City Chiefs looking to win back-to-back Super Bowls, but ended up being triumphed by a physically dominant Buccaneers who had a perfect game plan resulting in Kansas City losing to the Bucs-31; KC-9.

As a …

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