Resilience Can Mean More Than You Think

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When dealing with stress in the workplace, you tend to hear a lot of vocabulary; burnout, anxiety, meditation, resistance, deep work, and lots of others. Sometimes it might feel like you need a dictionary just to understand it all. But there’s one word a lot of courses and classes don’t cover, and that’s resilience. 

Resilience is one of the best weapons against workplace stress, and it’s what companies like Working Mind have built themselves around. But what exactly is it? How do we get more of it? And what’s the benefit of it? 

Well, you might have heard about resilience in science class because it’s the property of something to spring back into shape. Change resilience is the capacity to adapt to change and recover from challenging situations in the business world. It usually comes into play when we think about rubber. If you tug a rubber band, it will snap back into place. 

When you are resilient, it doesn’t mean that you ignore stressful situations and hope that they go away. Instead, you can take them head-on. While they might bend you and tug on you a bit, you’ll be able to weather the storm and snap back into place. 

Stress resilience is all about responding to change and pressure calmly. When you pull a rubber band, it does not break, strain or quiver. Likewise, if you pull it one way or another, it instead deals with the force and then snaps itself back into place. With change resilience training, you can be precisely the same, where stress is something that just comes and goes, and you won’t react as strongly to it. 

We’ve all had those moments when something small, like someone forgetting our latte order or getting cut off in traffic, can just bring everything else forth and ruin the entire day. Then our lousy mood affects those we love and work with, and it makes things worse. A resilient mind will allow you to roll with the punches and still greet the day with a smile. 

The stressors of life are many and varied. No matter what, stress will happen. However, by training for stress resilience, you’ll be able to recognize the presence of stressful situations. You will be able to react more quickly, calm yourself, and then respond to the situation in a way that will foster a more effective solution rather than make the problem bigger. 

The benefits of becoming more resilient will increase your well-being and the wellness of those you work with and spend time with daily. Then everyone can improve their performance, communication skills and treat stressors like speed bumps instead of full-on roadblocks. Wouldn’t that improve your business if everyone was a little more resilient? 

Investing in some change resilience training to build up your stress resilience is something every team and you as an individual should consider. Taking the time to do it will lead to significant workplace benefits over time.  

Working Mind Resilience Training trains you how to face change and stress at the workplace. Visit their website and see how they can help you. 


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