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Strategies for Employee Career Development

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Are you currently at a loss regarding how to develop the techniques to use for career development? Or are you presently feeling trapped and unappreciated within your organization? Do you no longer derive any feeling of meaning or purpose from what you do for a living?  

Within the practice of human resources, we have often observed and counseled, questioned, and helped employees in and similar situations with requisite career advice. Human resource practitioners have developed strategies that can assist employees within ...

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The Number One Reason Why You Probably Did Not Get the Job

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The number one reason why you probably did not get the job is:


As a Recruiter, one of the first few questions I usually ask a potential candidate is:

“What do you know about the position you are applying for?”

“What do you know about the company?”

“Why do you want to work for the company?”

The typical answers that I usually get are generic responses, such as:

“Well, I don’t know a lot about the position. Can you tell me more?”

“I hear that ...

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