Polishing the Professional


How to Present Yourself Professionally at Work

Looking professional can have a significant impact on your confidence, as well as how people view you and your work. If you want to up your professional game, here are some valuable tips for your work-wear and business uniform.  

Capsule Wardrobe  

There’s been a global shift against unnecessary consumerism, and with that is the desire for a simple capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes are simply a wardrobe filled with 37 items per season – …

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How to Regain Confidence and Happiness from Deep Inside

It is a fact that in contemporary world, women tend to rule more and more. We have everything for it but lots of our precious qualities are hidden inside and covered by the external influences. Shakuntali Siberia, Enlightened woman, Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”, tells us how to develop self-confidence and power that are slumbering inside each woman.  

Self-confident person – who is that? Someone who knows exactly …

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Choose Your Career Using Personality Tests

Everyone is unique in this world. Our habits, behavior, and personality are also individual. But certain aspects can be measured in the way we think, feel, or process the information. 

If we follow these measurements, we can outline a personality type that can give us information about certain things, such as how a person interacts with others or how appropriate their personality is when it comes to problem-solving, administration or creativity, etc.  

Here …

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How To Ace Telephone Job Interviews

Telephone interviews are different than live interviews and require different strategies for the job-seeker to be successful.  When I ask new coaching clients to assess their interview technique, they never distinguish between phone and live interviews.  Many clients don’t even realize that brief phone interactions are mini-interviews. When a long phone call is scheduled, some of my clients refer to it as a “screen.” They say this as if this is something different or even less than an interview.

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10 Tips to Increase Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an essential key to success in any walk of life. People with self-confidence get noticed more, and as a result,  they achieve their goals relatively easily. In contrast, people who lack self-confidence often end up on the losing end of life. You, too, need to build your self-confidence if you want to do well in life. Here are ten tips that can help you improve that elusive self-confidence.

1. Self-confidence is found in people …

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How to Leave the Interview-Zone and Land an Offer

Don’t sell yourself short.Frequently, people underplay their skills and talents during an interview, hurting their chances of getting an offer. Don’t sell yourself short! Share your key accomplishments and let them shine through. The best way to highlight your skills is to share an experience of how you put your skills to the test. Then share how that benefited you in your past and current position.

Prepare for tough interview questions.Learn to answer tough interview questions …

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Eliminating Debt

Are you overwhelmed by debt? If so, you need to read this article. It will help you get back on the road to financial freedom. Regardless of how far you’ve gone off the rail, you can get yourself out of debt with the right plan.

Below are a few strategies to reduce your debt:

1. Buy what you need and what you can afford. To keep from accumulating mounds of debt, purchase what …

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People Experiencing Homelessness

Individuals experiencing homelessness who have a disability have the same rights and privileges in applying for disability benefits as someone who is not homeless. Please read more in Spotlight on Homelessness. You should inform the SSA during the application process if you are experiencing homelessness, so that the SSA may better assist you with your application. You can find more information about how to apply for benefits by clicking on the links below:

Social Security Disability …

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What are Work Incentives?

Work Incentives are disability program rules that allow you to reduce your countable income so that you can continue to receive a cash benefit while you explore work or look for a job that is right for you. Examples of such Work Incentives include the extension of Medicare and Medicaid coverage while working, Impairment-Related Work Expenses, and Plans for Achieving Self-Support. In addition, if your work attempt is unsuccessful, Social Security has made it easy for you to get …

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Can Prisoners get Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Payments?

Both programs prohibit payments to most prisoners. 

Social Security will suspend your Social Security benefits if you are confined to a jail, prison, or other penal institution for more than 30 continuous days due to a criminal conviction. Although you cannot get monthly Social Security benefits while you are confined, the SSA will continue to pay benefits to your dependent spouse or children if they remain eligible.

If you get SSI, the SSA will …

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