The Road to Becoming Financially Self-Sufficient

Avatar photoLorraine Brown March 22, 2021 No Comments

The Ticket To Work program’s primary goal is to support Social Security Beneficiaries, also know as ticket holders, to become financially self-sufficient. Once achieved, recipients are no longer dependent on benefits.

The Ticket to Work Program gives SSDI recipients a safety net to work without losing their benefits. Beneficiaries can keep their benefits while working towards gainful employment during a 9-month trial work period. In 2021, your earnings must be over $940 each month for it to be considered a trial period month.

If you cannot keep up with full-time employment demands, you can stop and still receive your benefits. Even if you complete the 9-month trial period, you still have 36 months where you will continue to receive social security benefits for any month your earnings were under $1,310. This number changes each year, so please be sure to check for the updated amounts annually.

Suppose you find that you are having difficulty keeping up with the demands of employment long term, within five years. You can use expedited reinstatement and immediately get back on social security without needing to reapply.

Working a full-time job will bring you more income than your benefits provide you each month. It is good to stay busy and contribute to a company’s success by doing something you enjoy while maintaining financial independence.

Employment Networks are in place to help you find a job you genuinely enjoy that will fit your financial needs. Employment Networks provide job placement, job leads, resume support, employment counseling, and wage reporting at no cost to you. Call Polishing the Professional at (877) POLISH U or (877) 765-4748 to learn more about how we can help you achieve financial independence.

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