Thursday Morning Interview Tips

Avatar photoVictoria Vanzant May 28, 2020 No Comments

It’s Thursday morning and you’ve made it close to the end of the week. Let’s continue being productive! Choose a chapter from your Job Search Buddy Handbook and continue mastering your chosen task. PTP’s #thursdaymorning topic is: Typical Questions to be Prepared to Answer.

Interview questions may or may not be on your actual application, however, there are numerous questions. By pre-answering certain questions, it will help you complete your application quickly and accurately. Thinking your answers through prior to interviewing may increase your chances of employment. Here’s a typical question commonly asked during interviews:

Do you have reliable transportation to and from work?

Always answer YES! Whether you have a vehicle, catch the bus, or get rides from loved ones, it’s important for an employer to know you’re reliable and able to get to work on time. If necessary, your professional development coach at Polishing the Professional will teach you how to travel via public transportation. PTP will ensure you’ve learned the proper skills to get to your job on time.

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