Using Your Personality Type for Your Job Search 

Alicia Morataya March 28, 2022 No Comments

There is no one else like you in the world. You have a unique personality that sets you apart from others. Personality refers to “individual differences in characteristics, patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving” (Encyclopedia of Psychology).  According to, the general requirements needed to perform a job successfully may include: “specific skills, types and amounts of work experience, personal qualities, educational credential, professional certification, areas of knowledge, and others.” Let’s focus on personal qualities, aka personality.  This trait is important to consider when you’re searching for a job. 

Not every job is right for you. Some employers seek individuals with an adaptable personality, while other employers seek specific types of personalities that suit the job position. Just as employers seek for candidates with certain personality traits, the person searching for the job should also consider using their personality traits to match their job search. Ana Isabel Alonsagay wrote the article, Why is Personality Fit so Important for your Career? and shares her reasons why personality is so important:

First, you will gain a “better culture fit.” It is easier to get along with your coworkers when your personality is similar to theirs. This will result in better coworker relationships. It is key to get along with the people you’ll be spending most of your time with.

Second, personality fit is important because it results in “better job performance.” If your interactions with your coworkers are better, you will get along, communicate, and work together as a team. You will complement each other. This will have a positive result such as greater work productivity for your future job.

Third, “higher job satisfaction” is acquired. Your performance is better because you are able to complete the job tasks. Tasks will no longer feel like something you must do, but rather something you enjoy doing.

Furthermore, the article points out that using your personality traits can also help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. You can address areas you need to work on prior to your job search.   

In addition, there are tools that can be utilized to assist you if you are already working among different types of personalities. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a tool used to help understand communication preferences and how others interact.   

Most importantly, you want to include your personality type when searching for a job because you want to be successful and remain happy with the job. There are many individuals that are not happy where they work. This can be stressful and unhealthy. When looking for a job, search within for what suits you. If you are an outgoing person, filter your search to only jobs that require that personality type. An outgoing person will fit perfectly working in a fast-paced environment surrounded by people while an introvert will enjoy their time in a more private, calm work environment.   

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