Ways to Spring Clean Your Job Search

Avatar photoAlyse Tatevosian May 3, 2021 No Comments

Every year, millions of people set out to spring clean their homes and garages. Spring is also the perfect time to clean your job search image. It’s the time for renewal and clarity.

1. Clean Your Workspace Area
Clear paperwork piles, file paperwork, discard unnecessary paperwork and organize your workspace.

2. Email
Delete or archive old emails.

3. Dust Off Your Resume
Your resume should reflect your current targeted goals and communicates what your “experience” brings to the table. If your resume is more than two pages, try to tighten it up.

4. Freshen Up Your Online Image
Today, many of us use social networking sites for various reasons. Today employers research prospective candidates to fill their open positions by visiting websites/networking sites associated with your name. However, we all have social lives and do not necessarily choose to present ourselves professionally when used for social purposes rather than business networking. It is essential to update your photo to a photo that emulates the person you portray on your resume.

5. Fine Tune Your Job Search Tracking
Set up a system to keep track of your job search. Microsoft Excel is a great tool that will help organize your applications

Spring is a time to freshen and renew your image. Wouldn’t it feel good to know that, along with your clean windows and tidied-up garage, your job search is also re-energized and in excellent order? Good luck!

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