Forget Social Media and Get Social Again

Avatar photoAlyse Tatevosian May 10, 2021 No Comments

Everyone carries around a secret weapon, yet we are unaware that we do most of the time. For many, this secret weapon is known as conversation, or better yet, “The Art of Conversation.” Our daily lives as citizens enable us to come in contact with other people regularly. Whether at the grocery store, waiting on a bus, walking to an appointment, or simply hanging out at a local eatery or mall, potential contact is all around us. Often, we are reluctant to contact others out of shyness, fear of rejection, or even personal biases. However, you must realize that before the social-media age of Facebook, Twitter, and others, there existed actual human-to-human interaction to establish relationships! Hard to believe, I know!

            Many professional opportunities to network and increase your net-worth are all around us and not just on the internet.  All you must do is – yes, talk! You’ll never know who the person in line at the grocery store or that person sitting next to you is until you decide to communicate. Now, don’t just walk up to every person randomly and say hi and try to start a conversation (that’s plain strange), but instead, be discreet and purposeful. If you happen to see someone wearing a football jersey of your favorite team, make a move, spark up some conversation about a player’s stats, the team’s standing in the league, or any other relevant information. That person very well may be a person to recommend you to her or his manager for a future employment opportunity.

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