Employers Are Our Customers Too

Avatar photoVictoria Vanzant July 21, 2020 No Comments

FOR MORE THAN 14 YEARS, we have made and developed relationships with many employers throughout Los Angeles county. Our relationships are why we can produce 200 placements in two years, while similar programs could only achieve between 8 to 12 placements in a year. We are not gloating about our success, but we are VERY PROUD of the work we do.

In the past, some job-seekers have had a hard time keeping a job. That’s because many were not well prepared. For this reason, PTP will only provide direct placements for clients who are ready to be successful in a position or have demonstrated that from previous successful competitive employment.

Our reputation is at risk when we send clients who are not ready and well prepared to work for the employers we serve. While it is our job to do the best we possibly can do for our clients who are job seekers, we also need to make sure that our clients are well-prepared for the job they are seeking. To ensure that clients are well prepared, we require pre-employment training before agreeing to assist job seekers in actively seeking employment or direct job placement. It is our goal that once we open that door of opportunity to employers, we expect our job seekers to widen that door for other clients to enter, which can only happen by referring to well-prepared individuals to our employers.

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