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Cashier 64

Cashier 64

Cashier 64

  • 2800 W. 120th St. Hawthorne CA 90250
  • Full Time
  • First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers

Job Description

Be assigned to a register at the beginning of his or her shift and given a drawer containing a "bank" of money; count his bank to ensure that it contains the correct amount of money and adequate supplies of change; either manually enter into a cash register the price of each item or use a scanner to transmit a code number to a computer; count the drawers contents and compare the total with sales data at the end of a shift; separate and total charge forms, return slips, coupons, and any other noncash items; handle returns and exchanges; enter charges for all items and subtract the value of any coupons or special discounts, and then total the bill and take payment; request additional identification from the customer or call in for an authorization for checks and charges. Issue a receipt to the customer and return the appropriate change; wrap or bag the purchase
Short Discription
  • Job Type:

    Full Time
  • Posted On:

    15th April, 2008