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Courtesy Clerk 286

Courtesy Clerk 286

Courtesy Clerk 286

  • vermont la ca 90051
  • Paid
  • Grocery

Job Description

Job Duties: Courtesy Clerks are generally responsible for the following: Provide friendly, courteous customer service. Bag groceries. Assists customer with carryout. Lift and carry grocery bags of varying weight. Stock supply of bags at check stand. Maintain cleanliness of the store including check stand area (belt and glass), facing and straightening up end display areas near check stand, cleaning floors, lunch / break room areas, rest rooms, and other areas of the store as assigned. Retrieve shopping carts. Perform price checks to verify grocery prices. May remove and replace price tags and signs and perform limited stocking duties. Assist customers with their shopping selection upon request. Other duties as assigned.
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    19th May, 2009