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Phone Operator

Phone Operator

Phone Operator

  • 2800 W. 120th St. Hawthorne CA 90250
  • Full Time
  • Hospitality

Job Description

Operates a cord or a cordless telephone switchboard to relay incoming, outgoing, or interoffice calls; Pushes switch keys to make connections and relay calls on a cordless switchboard; Places long distance calls and, may for individual billing purposes, record or ascertain the nature of the call (business or personal); Supplies information to callers and records messages; Maintains a current record of persons employed by jurisdiction and their extension numbers; Keeps record of calls placed and toll charges; Performs clerical duties such as filing, sorting, processing mail, zeroing, or proofreading, as required; Reports telephone lines which are out of order; May receive visitors to school district offices; May operate a bell, buzzer and/or paging system to call persons to answer a telephone call; May receive and send telegrams.
Short Discription
  • Job Type:

    Full Time
  • Posted On:

    15th April, 2008