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  • 1000 west Redondo Beach Blvd Gardena ca 90247
  • Full Time
  • Hospitality

Job Description

The cage is the part of the casino where the finances are handled. This includes credit supply to clients by managers. A casino job as a cashier entails handling of incoming money from all the sources within the casino. The casino cashier counts and records the money, does some basic bookkeeping and reconciles the cash. He must also find any discrepancies. He does an inventory of all the income, including the betting chips as wells as any credit notes. His duty starts on the casino floor where he exchanges money for chips and the other way around. He then proceeds to the cage for the reconciling process. You must be good at counting and organization. If youve worked in a bank or some financial institute or did cashier work before, you will have no problems at this type of casino job. It is an ideal starting place. You will report to a supervisor or the main cashier. There are no tips and the salary is very low, but you can move up to supervisor or management level with a better salary. Necessary skills include excellent math and organizational abilities. It entails a lot of routine, but you dont have to work with difficult players.
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  • Job Type:

    Full Time
  • Posted On:

    6th March, 2009