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Courtesy Clerk 261

Courtesy Clerk 261

Courtesy Clerk 261

  • 10001 Paramount Blvd Downey Ca 90240
  • Full Time
  • Grocery

Job Description

ke customer service the number one priority at all times, attending to the customer’s needs and requests in a courteous and assertively friendly manner. Produce an appropriate quantity and quality of work in a timely manner, as well as being responsible for the completion of various assigned tasks under the direction of his/her supervisor. Greets each customer by using names whenever possible; extends thanks whenever appropriate; makes customer service the number one priority at all times. Bags groceries quickly and carefully; may carry to customers’ vehicles. Helps sweeping and general clean-up of the store, restrooms and backroom. Collects shopping carts and returns them to the store from the parking lot. Dusts, stocks, and faces shelves and pulls cardboard as necessary. Accomplishes tasks in an efficient and timely manner in accordance with company standards. Assists checkers by responding to price checks. Assists checkers by returning product from the checkstands to the shelves as necessary. Stocks bags in the checkstands and maintains neatness of bag areas as necessary. Assists in general upkeep and stocking of all departments as requested. Maintains friendly and respectful decorum at all times toward customers, co-workers, vendors and all others. Handles, in a positive manner, those inherent levels of stress associated with employment situations. Complies with laws/regulations and company policies including those regarding confidentiality, honesty and business ethics. Maintains responsive and cooperative relationships with supervisors, co-workers, vendors, customers and other personnel. Accomplishes assigned tasks in an efficient and timely manner within standards established by supervisor. Participates in training and professional development. Other related duties as assigned.
Short Discription
  • Job Type:

    Full Time
  • Posted On:

    24th March, 2009