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Door Agent

Door Agent

Door Agent

  • 1400 Lincoln Venice CA 90291
  • Paid
  • First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers

Job Description

To assist in the protection of assets of the Ross Stores, Inc. logistics network by manning post positions, patrols, and CCTV monitoring. This individual must use extreme confidentiality in respecting employees’ privacy within the company guidelines and procedures. This individual will provide communication of all activity to peers and superiors as well as express all questions and concerns relating to the job to the LP Supervisors. Conduct safety and security tours of the distribution center identifying unsafe acts, weaknesses in the protection program, etc. Discover and document facts by conducting basic investigations into associate dishonesty, power equipment accidents, personnel injury accidents, etc. Respond to emergency situations, such as medical, fire, weather, haz mat and security related incidents and take appropriate actions, as stated by corporate policy. Conduct audits that are designed to uncover associate dishonesty, paperwork errors (i.e., miss-picks, etc.) and compliance to governmental regulations (OSHA, EPA, USDA, BATF, DEA, etc.). As well as security audits to ensure physical security standards.
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    28th July, 2008